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Tactical I.T Solutions is a group of Filipino programmers that focuses mainly on web development, web designs, mobile app development, graphic artist, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Server Management.

We offer quality, affordable and timely implementation of websites from start-up to large scale business enterprises. We are focused, motivated and passionate professionals geared towards making your online business grow.

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Guide Catalogue

Guide Catalogue is an Australian/UK business directory website that connects people with great local businesses.

WEBSITE LINK: https://guidecatalogue.com

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Silk Road Rugs and Tours

An independent, family run store, borne of a couple's love for the Middle East! Silk Road sells authentic and beautiful rugs, ceramics, lamps, bags and more, as well as tours to exotic destinations traveled by the owners themselves!

WEBSITE LINK: https://silkroadrugsandtours.com.au/

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Grocer Now

Grocer Now deliver food and groceries fresh and fast from your favourite restaurants and stores, pick up, clean and return your laundry in two days and deliver tickets for the hottest attractions in town straight to your mobile phone. We want to make your life easier so that you have time for the things that matter.

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Resorts Sports And Events

Resort Sport and Events was founded by international Inflatable water park designer Peter Appleton through his passion for travel and adventure. It is the newest website for active lifestyle seekers around the globe. It has expanded to a brand that brings exciting new experiences coming from different activity partners. Leading with innovative technology, it is beginning to define a different way of life. Showcasing the hottest deals and discounts available and featuring the most updated blogs and contents across the world wide web, Resort Sport and Events will be your everyday guide in finding the newest hotels and restaurants in your area, even the latest news in the world of entertainment and sports. You’ll also get a dose of high quality photos and video reviews from our subscribers and followers to share their own experiences and stories. Start your awesome adventure today and let the world know how amazing life is!

WEBSITE LINK: https://resortsportevents.com

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Ang Kulit

Ang Kulit is a digital video outfit which specializes in trending videos that become viral sensations online. It has 42 thousand likes in Facebook.

FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/mstrending/

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Ang Kulit


WEBSITE LINK: www.codematephilippines.com

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Bentambay.com is a new user friendly Buy and Sell site in a Social Media like platform. It was conceptualized and being developed by young pinoy visionary technopreneurs, who aims to provide a fresh and free alternative for business minded Filipinos. We know that we love using online presence as one of the avenues for selling our goods and merchandise in a simple, fast yet effective way. Build a great network of customers and friends using the chat style messaging service, directly on the website at no cost. Manage your account with your own dashboard, automatically available and provided for you. So be one of the firsts to take advantage of pioneering an account and be a game changer with the soon to be Best Online Selling Site in the Philippines.

WEBSITE LINK: http://bentambay.com/

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